Graeme Thompson
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I have a 10+ year track record of delivering successful IT projects in many different roles, most recently as a front end developer. I have also been a business analyst, project manager, internal business partner/SME, vendor relationship manager, and client relationship manager. I have even done a bit of change management, User testing, and QA testing. In any role I'm comfortable creating relationships with varied individuals and teams - from the front lines to the C-suite - to ensure tasks and projects are completed.

I have an MBA concentrated in finance, and I have worked for both JPMChase and Wells Fargo, as well as for a now-deceased boutique firm that invested in early stage funding rounds of private companies. I am a jack of all trades, always up for learning something new. My experience over the past three years has been as a front end web development and design with a focus on developing branded SharePoint subsites for Corning Incorporated as a contracting advisor. The work I have been doing most recently entails branding SharePoint intranet sites, adding CSS styling (often over-riding Microsoft’s SharePoint CSS) and interactivity using jQuery and SPServices.

I live in San Francisco with my wife, daughter, and two cats. I am a voracious reader. I enjoy thinking strategically and planning for the future. In that spirit, I'm a proud member of the Long Now Foundation. I run. I'm an INTP. I enjoy photography and processing photos in Photoshop and Lightroom. I have recently begun playing bad chess. I do believe it is improving my strategic thinking.

On the lighter side, I also play Quake Live. I enjoy drinking wine. I donate to common-sense efforts to legalize marijuana. I enjoy gambling (mainly craps) and prediction markets. Follow or connect with me on Pundit Tracker or follow me on Twitter.